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S2E7 - Love, Language and Soup w/Alayna Y

April 29, 2022 CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers Season 2 Episode 7
Push In - The CineVic Podcast
S2E7 - Love, Language and Soup w/Alayna Y
Show Notes

A young woman falls in love with a waitress in a greasy-yet-nostalgic Hong Kong-style cafe, but a language gap divides the two - or is there something more?

Animator and filmmaker Alayna Y goes back to her roots through food with the appetizing short animated film, Macaroni Soup.

An artist specializing in making soup - she throws people, experiences, and inspirations into a simmering pot. Whether it’s well-received or not, she’ll always make the soup she wants.

Join host Joyce Kline as she discovers the key ingredients that make Alayna's soup just right. Joyce gets the scoop on feedback that Alayna decided it was up to her to ignore and pave her own path.

For this ambitious project, Alayna pulled together a team of friends and collaborators from her cohort at Emily Carr University – even a composer friend from the internet.

Be sure to see Alayna's film, Macaroni Soup, in person at the opening night of CineVic’s Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival on May 1, 2022 (or streaming online May 8-31). Kick off the festival with a program of animations, anthropomorphized cats, and empowering dance.

Just don’t feel bad if you say the wrong ‘thank you’  to Alayna after the screening!

For tickets and to catch the film festival online throughout the rest of May 2022 visit

Alayna Y's FilmFreeway Portfolio

Alayna Y's Animation Portfolio on ArtStation

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