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S2E8 - Heart and Soul of a Story w/ Ann Marie Hak

May 03, 2022 CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers Season 2 Episode 8
Push In - The CineVic Podcast
S2E8 - Heart and Soul of a Story w/ Ann Marie Hak
Show Notes

When Graham takes his new step-son Emil on a camping trip, he hopes they will finally bond through the traditions and lessons he learned from his own father. However, the scars of the recent death of Emil’s father hang heavy over the pair and Emil resists Graham’s attempts to get closer to him…

Reads the logline of Ann Marie Hak’s 2020 CineSpark competition winning pitch for her script Wishing Fall.

Drawing from her own childhood growing up in Northern British Columbia, host Joyce Kline unpacks what it was like for Ann Marie to share her experiences in narrative form for the screen.

Raised in the Wet’suwet’en Territory (Houston, BC) by a Czechoslovakian father and a Filipina mother, Ann Marie explores her ethnicity and what it means to be a first-generation Canadian through her writing.

But just how did Ann Marie pitch the heart and soul of a story she hoped to tell as a newbie filmmaker?

This episode touches on casting during a pandemic, how to win a film pitch event and still stay true to your roots.

Be sure to watch the WORLD PREMIERE of Wishing Fall directed by James Weicker in-person at CineVic’s Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival on Friday May 6th, 2022 in beautiful downtown Victoria, BC.

Okay, those are some pretty juicy keywords. We don’t really know how else to say it:  this is going to be a good time.

For tickets and to catch the film festival online throughout the rest of May 2022 visit

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