Push In - The CineVic Podcast

S2E10 - The Spirit Inside w/ Stephanie Rossel

May 18, 2022 CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers Season 2 Episode 10
Push In - The CineVic Podcast
S2E10 - The Spirit Inside w/ Stephanie Rossel
Show Notes

On today's episode, host Joyce Kline interviews Comox Valley’s Stephanie Rossel.
Drawing from her 34 years of experience as script supervisor on top film and TV productions like Juno, Tully and When We Rise, Stephanie is at the helm of her latest short, Baby Steps.

Lean on budget, equipment and doing “all of the production design, ADing, everything” with minimal crew, how did Stephanie pull off creating such an amazing film?

Joyce also discovers just how Stephanie cast different ages of the same character as the lead actors in the film – no easy task for any sized production!

Set throughout the Comox Valley, Baby Steps shows that “anyone can find their spirit again and rise above and become the potential they were always meant to be.”

For tickets to catch Baby Steps for yourself, check out the Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival online throughout the rest of May 2022 visit

Steph’s only big wish in life?
To have a sound mixer move up to Comox to spur more productions.

So this is for you audio pros out there – earmuffs for you, Gilles Maillet – the Comox Valley is a wonderful part of Vancouver Island. Complete with the true outdoors, good people and a buzzing indie film scene. Plus donuts and mountain biking. AND a film festival that Stephanie happens to play a leading role in?

Now that you mention it, we’re more than happy to share new listings here: https://www.point2homes.com/CA/Real-Estate-Listings/BC/Vancouver-Island/Comox-Valley.html
Okay, it’s safe for you to listen again, Gilles.

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