Push In - The CineVic Podcast

S2E18 - Anecdote or story? w/ Claire Mulligan

December 20, 2022 CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers Season 2 Episode 18
Push In - The CineVic Podcast
S2E18 - Anecdote or story? w/ Claire Mulligan
Show Notes

“You should make a movie about that!” Whether you’ve just regaled someone with a juicy anecdote, or they’ve buttonholed you at a party with one of theirs, if you’re a filmmaker you’ve undoubtedly heard this.

Before you’re tempted to act on that impulse, you’d be well advised to listen to novelist and screenwriter Claire Mulligan explain the difference between a story and “something that just happens.”  

Claire ought to know—her novels have been nominated for the prestigious Giller Prize, Canadian Author’s Award and Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, her first short screenplay The Still Life of Annika Myers has won multiple awards, and her latest short screenplay Obscura is currently in pre-preproduction thanks to a $30,000 Directors’ Guild of Canada Greenlight Award.

There’s lots packed into this episode, including what’s wrong with most short films, what a good short screenplay needs to contain—and what a camera obscura is.

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How to create your own room sized camera obscura:

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