Push In - The CineVic Podcast

S3E6 - Demystifying Film Insurance w/ Mike Groner

March 21, 2023
Push In - The CineVic Podcast
S3E6 - Demystifying Film Insurance w/ Mike Groner
Show Notes

Wondering how much you should budget for insurance in your Telefilm Talent to Watch application, or what insurance you actually need for making a short film? This interview with Front Row Insurance Brokers VP Mike Groner covers everything you ever wanted to know about insurance but were afraid to ask! Pure information gold — and just in time to make that Telefilm deadline. 

Since starting his insurance career twenty years ago in LA, Mike has worked with Hollywood creators providing insurance and risk management for countless feature films, TV and DICE producers, distributors, film festivals, and entertainment related enterprises like musicians, equipment operations, and rental houses. He now resides in Victoria and works out of Front Row’s Vancouver and LA offices.

 Listen up as Mike explains:

·      How much you should budget for insurance for a Telefilm Talent to Watch feature.

·      The difference between Production, Errors & Omissions and Cast insurance. 

·      The connection between clearance and E & O.

·      What to keep in mind when insuring equipment.

·      Why documenting a location before you shoot is crucial.

·      Pros and cons of having volunteers on set.

Referred to in this episode:

Front Row Insurance Brokers: https://www.frontrowinsurance.com
(Lots of helpful information on their blog.)

Telus Storyhive: https://www.storyhive.com

Contact Mike: mike@frontrowinsurance.com 

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