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S3E15 - How I Crowd Funded over $102,000 w/ Denver Jackson

October 06, 2023 CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers Season 3 Episode 15
Push In - The CineVic Podcast
S3E15 - How I Crowd Funded over $102,000 w/ Denver Jackson
Show Notes

Unless you’re already a well-heeled nepo baby, this might be the one Push In episode you literally can’t afford to miss! Last episode, Push In interviewed filmmaker Denver Jackson, the brilliant creator and one-man animation team behind the web series Esluna: The Crown of Babylon, the feature Esluna: The First Monolith and the upcoming feature The Worlds Divide.

This episode, Denver shares how he’s financed his films, why he picked Kickstarter as his crowd funding platform, his fundraising hook and donor perks, and how he built a social media fan base that helped him raise over $102,000.

Denver has singlehandedly written, directed, animated and edited numerous award-winning short animations, an entire animated web series - and he’s currently in post on his second animated feature film. 

His films have screened around the world - including at three Academy Award-qualifying festival, been a prestigious Vimeo Staff Pick, and won Best Animated Film at San Diego Comic Con International Film Festival and Heartland Film Festival. 

Denver’s films:

YouTube video on the making of The Worlds Divide:

Esaluna: The Crown of Babylon trailer:

The Worlds Divide teaser trailer:

Learn more about Denver:





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