Push In - The CineVic Podcast

S2E2 - Life is Fragile, Hope is Strong w/ Mia Golden

February 01, 2022 CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers Season 2 Episode 2
Push In - The CineVic Podcast
S2E2 - Life is Fragile, Hope is Strong w/ Mia Golden
Show Notes

Need a task completed? Give it to the busiest person you know.
Want to make sure a feature film is created? Give it to Mia Golden.

Mia’s first feature, Fragile Seeds, is a way to share what she’s passionate about in her day job. Heading off youth exploitation and human trafficking , she makes an impact daily as a youth and family counsellor.

At a certain point it became clear that film was the right platform to share her world view.

Fragile Seeds is Mia’s first feature film where she’s also writer, producer and lead actor. In this raw episode, host Joyce Kline asks the tough questions to find out what’s really going on in our communities.

How easy is it for young people to be groomed and recruited to do something against their best interest?

With our digitally connected world making it easier for baddies to target the vulnerable online, Mia shares valuable tips on what to look out for.

In this episode we cover film funding, producing during a pandemic, youth exploitation, TikTok, even Disney’s Flight of the Navigator. Discover this and more on the latest episode of Push In, The CineVic Podcast with host Joyce Kline.

And be sure to check out Mia’s film Fragile Seeds screening at the 2022 Victoria Film Festival online and in-person this February to experience the powerful work she’s sharing through film.

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